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Platypus Rex and APESH!T screening in Babelgum Online Film Festival. VOTE NOW!!!

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The recently launched Babelgum Online Film Festival features two kick ass CrashToons cartoons. The vaginal rejuvenation inspired “Platypus Rex’s Hymenoplasty” and the hysterical American road movie/’toon “APESH!T Road Trip” are in the animation competition part of the fest.

So please go here and vote:

Platypus Rex:



New APESH!T episode “Butter Face” now online

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The new APESH!T’s here!

The new APESH!T’s here!

That’s right folks, the brand spanking new episode of APESH!T is LIVE. The episode is called “Butter Face.”

In the tradition of the great American road movie, Butter Face takes you on an epic journey of discovery. That is, if you think a monkey, a rabbit and two humans shooting the bull as they tear ass across the American southwest in a kick ass ’71 Superbird is classic Americana … oh yeah, add a butter face, a Cleveland steamer, a Uranus flytrap and a dash of sexual confusion. Go America !

So swing by the site and watch it:

APE SH!T goes all the way live!

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Watch APE SH!T “Wahoo” now on