Platypus Rex, APESH!T, Bob Ray in Los Angeles for the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival

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From March 5-8 in Los Angeles catch a boat load of funny shorts, including TWO CrashToons cartoons at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival ( The fest is screening the two ‘toons under the banner “CrashToons” on Friday afternoon at 2:00 in the “I’m Gonna Get You” block.

The screenings take place at the Downtown Independent Theater (251 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012). Bob Ray will be in attendance for the fest, so come on down and have a grand time with the CrashToons mastermind.


more SH!T is coming (and some old SH!T too)

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Happy New Year to all!

Some early info about what’s in store for 2K9:

Playboy teams up with CrashToons!!!
Starting January 20th, you’ll be able to catch episodes of APESH!T and Platypus Rex on the Playboy website.  Word is, there’s gonna be a big ol’ re-launching of the Playboy site, and lil’ ol CrashToons is gonna be a part of it.  Cool, huh?

So, yeah, we’ll be making more CrashToons pretty darn soon.

Here’s a look back at what we managed to accomplish in 2008.

CrashToons (Platypus Rex, APESH!T, CrashToons Presents, etc.)
We launched CrashToons:
APESH!T (two new episodes)
Platypus Rex (seven new episodes)
CrashToons Presents (Chupacabra’s Spanish, Puppies vs Kittens, etc.)

APESH!T screened at the South by Southwest film fest and at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles.  The Platypus Rex episode “Hymenoplasty” screened at the Austin Film Festival and Platypus Rex & Bob Ray won the Third Annual 2nd Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest.  On top of that, several CrashToons cartoons screened before features at the ’08 incarnation of Fantastic Fest!

Other CrashCam Films / Bob Ray news:

Bob Ray is the Best of Austin! The Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin Issue proclaimed Bob Ray 2008’s Best Emergent Filmmaker.  Pretty sweet.

Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell! (redux) played on the Slamdance website and screened in the International Panorama section of Anilogue International Animation Festival in Budapest

In March, Bob Ray was a music video judge for South by Southwest film festival.

Blogs, blogs, blogs.  We launched blogs for all out projects:
CrashCam Films:
Hell on Wheels:

So, adios 2K8.  Hello 2K9.

APESHITty-ish ‘toons here!

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While y’all wait for us to find some cashola and get a new APESH!T off the ground, enjoy these crazy ‘toons from the makers of APESH!T:

the lowdown on the new ‘SH!T

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So we have three APESH!T cartoons already recorded.  They’re all kinda long.  Like 8-11 min each.  One of them (“Fart Genie in a Bottle”) has already been storyboarded.  But the animation part awaits.  That’s the part that costs real money.  So when we find that cash, we’ll get the new APESH!Ts into production.  If you wanna send us a boatload of loot and/or know bigwigs that wanna fund a SH!Tty ‘toon, have em drop us a line.

We’re gonna work it from our end as well with trying to locate and ejaculate the proper penises in order to get this ‘toon some TLC.

Hey! Show your rich Aunt these clips and see if she wants to invest in the magical world of animation:

APESH!T’s Bob Ray is the Best of Austin?

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Hey!  Lookey me!

Take a peek at the annual “Best of Austin” issue of the Austin Chronicle (on newsstands now!) and you might find APESH!T mastermind Bob Ray among these so called “bests.”

That’s right, check it out folks:

The Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin:

Best Emergent Filmmaker: Bob Ray
Bob Ray was in the right place at the right time when he started filming some friends starting a Roller Derby league. But it was his tireless efforts, taking his documentary Hell on Wheels to every film festival and skate rink that would have him, that got him and his movie the fame they deserve.

Dick-slap-happy! The new APESH!T is pecker-licious!

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Who loves cock?  The brand spanking new APESH!T episode “Pecker-pine” has more cock than you can shake a cock-shaped stick at.  We just posted the new clip and it’s patiently waiting to defile your eyes.  Watch it at your own risk.  NSFW.  Beware and all that.

Watch APESH!T “Pecker-pine” at:

APESH!T’s Bob Ray won the Second Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest!

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That’s right!  Last night The Onion, Austin Film Festival and Cap City Comedy Club held the Second Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest and we blew them away!  Sure, some other jerk won the Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest (being held simultaneously), but Bob Ray (armed with his cartoon “Platypus Rex in: Hymenoplasty”) totally took the gold in the silver medal competition of the Second Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest!  We rule!



Due to technical jargon and insider-speak, the official word is that Bob Ray is the “runner-up” in the Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest, but for anyone with half a brain, it’s clear that Bob totally won the shit out of the Second Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest.  Totally, totally won that shit!


Not impressed yet?  Well wait, there’s more: Austin has 1.5 million people and we’re assuming all of them are filmmakers.  So by coming in as “runner up” in the Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Contest, Bob Ray officially a waaay funnier filmmaker than 1,499,999 other filmmakers calling Austin home.  Suck on that 1.499999 million mofos!


Swing on by and revel in our glory and watch the funniest cartoon ever: Platypus Rex in: Hymenoplasty at