word is good

I just got off the horn w/ R-Parker (animation ninja for APESH!T) and he’s hoping to finish the “Pecker-pine” episode this weekend!  Woooo!  I’ve kinda been impatiently waiting around for the finished Pecker-pine episode before I do another onslaught of APESH!T hype.  Pecker-pine is a nice lil’ toon that compliments the heck out of the Butter Face episode.   I can almost taste the Pecker-pine… mmmmm… more info soon.

In other ‘toon related whatnot, we’ve completed three CrashToons: “Puppies vs. Kittens,” “Enigma.” and the Platypus Rex episode “Star Anise.”  I’m looking to launch the site www.CrashToons.com when we have the fourth one done.  Speaking of #4, I’m either gonna try and animate the Limp Dictionary episode “Lollygagging” or maybe another P.Rex… TBD.  But if ya wanna keep up to date with the CrashToons, check out the blog at www.CrashToons.wordpress.com


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