new episode voice recording

Hey SH!T lovers,

Sorry for not calling sooner, but we’ve been kinda busy over at the APESH!T global HQ. It’s not cuz we didn’t wanna talk to you… It’s just that all our time was consumed with cooking up some funny for you. I hope you’re doing well. How’s the family? Okay, enough with the family already! Lets talk about me.

First off is a secret, so I speak in jibber-jabber code: We have a pair of sneaky dingle-berries getting steamy in the cooker. When the itty-bitty little clingers pop-out, we’ll serve you up a pile. It’s all a hush-hush for now, so say no more.

Sneaky SH!T aside, we have some episodes being worked on right now! Right f#cking now!!! Way back in October of ought-seven, we recorded three full ape-isodes and two li’l super-short giggle-grenades (those secrets I keep dropping hints about). I know, I know, it’s great! I can’t believe I haven’t told you already! I’m blowing my own mind even talking about it! Gush!

It was a weekend-long recording gang-bang that had me laughing my ass off. Good, clean American fun, it was. My jaw hurt for days! …and not from the dick sucking… it hurt from laughing my ass off for hours on end.

First off, we’ll whip the two lil’ nut-crackers into shape (and no, that is not a masturbation reference). The audio tracks have been edited, the sound effects dropped in and the storyboards are complete. Now good ol’ Ryan Parker will animate the hell out of it and wah-la: APESH!Ts.

The same sorta thing happens with the episodes. And we got three of em: “Fart, Genie in a Bottle,” “Monkey in the Crime Machine,” and “Spring Break One Off.”

We’re working as fast as we can so don’t go all holding your breath and getting red-faced on us like a little pecker-head.

Hugs and SH!T,

Team APE


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