Animatic Done and Done

Holy crap-man, bat-bat! We done went and finished the animatic! For all you non-tech nerds, that means we have edited the dialogue, added sound effects, drawn and scanned the storyboards and timed them out to the audio track on the computer-thingy. So basically, the animatic is a slideshow of hilarious images (mostly still images with some crude animation here and there) married (non-gay-marriage, okay?) to the audio. It’s sorta the rough cut of animation. And dude, it’s pretty salty/sweet (like a Sasquatch’s big vagina), which means it’s funny lookin’ or something.

We still gotta loop a line or loop a poop grunt or something, but we’ll get to that.

This is another milestone for us. Next, we do the animation!

Please do not flush paper towels down the toilet,
-the Mgt.

~Team APE SH!T


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